On Monday evening I had the pleasure of fufilling a long-time goal of modelling for Dr. Sketchy’s. I’m pretty sure I’ve wanted to do it since high-school. Not sure where/when exactly I decided this, but I did. Anyway, so the Toronto Sketchy’s team is awesome and I wish I had had the bravado to ask to participate sooner. I was the second-last session of the season (after they went on a hiatus, and before another hiatus).

The 3 looks I modelled for the session were my tropicana Carmen Mirana-inspired outfit, a Versailles style wig and lacey number, and a 20s-vamp emsemble. Saw a few of the illustrations posted on facebook, hopefully the artists don’t mind if I re-post them here.

x Jason Bone
x Francis Fauteux
x Andrea Sloan

It was a great atmosphere with fun music, but I have to say I used a ton of Tigerbalm the day after. I didn’t realize how painful holding the same position for 1, 5, 10 or 15 minutes could be! I suppose that’s foolish of me, no? Hopefully I did enough diverse poses for the group, and the artistes had a fun evening as well.

Read the Dr. Sketchy’s Toronto Blog here!

xox, Dolly

Summer Lovin’

So this spring/summer has been amazing and boobie-shaking filled. It basically kicked off with a performance in Ottawa on a Capital Tease show (which my aunts attended, first time inviting family), and the Great Burlesque Exposition in Boston. Those weekends were awesome, it felt like touring again!

Around that time I also did a photoshoot with Richard Kern which was interesting because it was so not like anything I have ever done before. Absolutely no makeup (and no pasties as well). Still fun, just to try out a different style of ‘sexy’, although I do much prefer glamour to au naturel. The day after I had a shoot with Orangeroads for their workshop sessions and Toni snapped this pic:

Canda day brought O Manada!, which was an amazing production by Boylesque TO. I had missed the show in the fall so I was very happy I got to see it this time around. Lee’s Palace was PACKED and the crowd went nuts. Standout acts were Mickey D Licious’s ode to Jack Layton and his mustache (RIP), Mahogany Storm’s Flag on a Pole act, a group parody of “The Hockey Sweater,” and of course Dew Lily (and his Mountie act). O Manada was the best thing I’ve seen all year (aside from TBF).

And well..speaking of TBF, this year was incroyable! In honour of the “Candiana-Rama” theme of the event, I performed my “I’m a Halfbreed Too” act (a homage to Metis people, especially those wth relatives who were in residential school).

Last year had a pretty NY heavy focus (which I loved), but this year was all about the Canadians, with a bunch of Halifax performers (maritime mermaids), some Vancouver talent (royalty!), and Montreal beauties as well. Melody Mangler was my favourite Canadian. She had beautiful pasties for sale, great hair, and a winning personality. Not that most performers don’t, but I just love when you meet burly girls who are kind and friendly right off the bat.

I also went all fangirl on Trixie Little, but I couldn’t help it! Her mermaid fillet act was hilarious, and the ending a little bit funny and a little bit disturbing. I couldn’t find a video with the exact version of the act but.. it involved a masturbating mermaid and an egg blast.

Post festival, there was nothing to really do except for lay around the house and watch every episode of True Blood, and then all of a sudden, more burlesque explosion! Had 2 gigs in one night (a private one, and another for Tattoo Rock Parlour with the Starlight ladies).

And I can’t forget to mention Roxi D’lite’s production “Boom Boom Burlesque.” Mitzy Cream & I travelled to my hometown, Windsor Ontario, for a mere 5 hours to take in the show. Saw Peekaboo Pointe’s perfectly on-point cat act again and loved it even more than the first time, Julie Atlas Muz, Stage Door Johnnies, Mat SealBoy Fraser and of course Roxi Dlite also performed. We had front row seats and I won a Roxi poster, yayayay.

I sort of hate summer (now that I’m not in school and it has no merit as a holiday), but this one has been pretty great.

Cross my fingers mt lucky streak keeps up!

xox, Dolly

It’s a new blog, it’s a new day, and I’m feelin’ good..

That was so cheese but I just had to.

Last night GCB invaded Hamilton yet again for our bi-monthly show at the Casbah Lounge. Unfortunately it was downpouring yet again which likely deterred a good chunk of potential audience. However, those that did make it out were spoiled with a variety of talent. Usually for out of town shows, performers will double up acts so there are less people to transport, but everyone was super generous with the driving and we got a few carloads of pretty ladies, musicians and comics to the venue.

I didn’t get to see all of the acts, as I got caught up backstage (aka I’m lazy and like to sit and chat) but I did get to see Esther De Ville, sultry and tittilating as always. I really like Esther’s character, it reminds me of the 90s cartoon depictions of a sexy woman (like Jessica Rabbit, Cool World). Also saw Chaos Divine’s new act properly (last time I was sidestage, this time from the audience), Fionna Flauntit & Tanya Cheex.

Today I’m off to Queen West to pick up a few things and finish my Riddler costume for “Holy Boobies, Batman!” Very excited for this show, we are doing a full run-through rehearsal which I actually have never done for a burlesque show before. It’ll be cool to be able to preview all the acts. It’s ten bucks in advance at Original on Queen west (near Augusta), more info here. Costumes highly encouraged, although you don’t need to be a full on bat-freak to enjoy some fun. Performers will be pulling inspiration from animated series to Christopher Nolan movies to the way-back TV series so there’s something for everyone (including Dew Lily of Boylesque TO, Red Herring  of the Get Luckys, Sevvy Skellington of TKS & Repo Cats as well as many others.

Hooray! Well, I better go do that, while it’s still merely overcast and not raining. Also, I’m sure there’s a latte with my name on it on the way. Mmm!