Jett Adore & his northern blondes

In July 2012 a gaggle of excited burlesque performers and affiliates gathered at Wrong Note Rusty‘s studio to take part in a photo shoot directed by Percy Katt depicting boylesque sensation Jett Adore, surrounded by a flurry of nude blondes. I was one of them! Somehow I missed the unveiling of the final portrait and am only seeing the result now, and it really is gorgeous!

The shoot took place during the Toronto Burlesque Festival weekend, on a very warm Sunday morning prior to the Brunch event and evening event that I was performing in, so needless to say after the Saturday Mod Club showcase the night before, I recall making the decision to head home (which was down the street at the time), and down a few glasses of rather than attend the after party at Oasis in the east end. I may have missed some fun and shenanigans, but I was able to wake up and get my bum down to the shoot!

The “male-in-charge-surrounded-by-naked-women” is a familiar narrative in burlesque, and has even been parodied by women such as Jo Boobs, but I honestly have to say there is nothing oppressive or misogynistic about this portrait. Yes, we are all in adoration of the beautiful Jett (how could we not be?!), but there are little side-stories going on, different expressions of lust or joy layered into our tableau. He’s not a “pimp”, he’s a human aphrodisiac! I think it really is very beautiful. In real life I remember him being very sweet as well, he brought little tokens of appreciation and flowers for the girls; a true true gentleman.

Thanks Rusty, Percy & Jett for having me as one of your blondes!

Photo: Wrong Note Rusty  Direction & editing: Percy Katt
Photo: Wrong Note Rusty
Direction & editing: Percy Katt

Missy/Ink Burlesque Spookies and Pageant Recap

The third installment of the “Dolly trying new things” series was especially nerve-racking: HOSTING. Yes, I recently popped my Femme-Cee cherry, hosting not only burlesque, but also a pageant! Missy/Ink Magazine entrusted me to be the mistress of ceremonies at their first ever Pin Up Pageant and “Burlesque Spookies” Halloween show.

 Larissa from Blonde Moxie Makeup, who was on the judges panel, helped professionally make up my face for the occaision, and I wore a Patricia Field wig, which I’d purchased especially to wear that evening.

dolly purple
I took a quick second to snap a selfie backstage!


With 15 gorgeous and talented pageant contestants and 6 burlesque beauts, there was much to be said. GCB’s resident host, Wolfman, gave me some pointers ahead of time, and I adopted a touch of his rhyming scheme for some of the burlesque girls. The challenge with this show was mainly during the pin-up pageant portion, where I felt it neccesary to both be encouraging and positive with the contestants without seeming to favour any one girl. I think in future any hosting I do will be a bit smoother if I can do it off-the-cuff style, but with everyone’s image and introductions being so important, I opted this time to stick to my prepared notes.

 The most fun part of the pageant portion was the question round, where I got to interview the top 3 pageant contestants; Pastel Supernova, Laura Desiree and Corey Major. Seeing the girls parade and perform their talents was great, but hearing them all answer surprise questions with grace was amazing. I really appreciate that they were all so eloquent (if the roles were reversed I guarantee I would stammer through like a bafoon!) Trombone player Corey Major took home the evening’s big title, I can’t wait to see her spread in Missy/Ink’s first print issue coming out early 2014.

pageant girls altovenue
Laura Desiree, Corey Major, Pastel Supernova
Photo cred: Altovenue

On the other end of the show, the burlesque girls really did an amazing job ringing in the Halloween season touching on themes from ghosts to trick-or-treating to plague doctors. It was the perfect mix of sexy with a dash of humour and horror, and was a huge honour for me to present.

Stay tuned to Missy Ink & Photolena‘s facebook page  for more photos and coverage of the event!

Congrats to all the ladies, I can’t wait to see and work with you all again soon