Meet me under the mistletoe?

Here’s a small taste of who will be unwrapping themselves for you tonight at Tits For Tots;

STOS's Tanya Cheex
Red Herring
Glamour Puss' Rubie Laframboise
Yours Truly, from GCB with love
GCB's Mitzy Cream
GCB's Fionna Flauntit
UK Superstar Marianne Cheesecake (HUBBA!)

More burlesque, more variety and we’re doing it for the kids! Tonight at 10pm it goes down @ the Comedy Bar (945 Bloor St. W.)

Hope to see you there wearing your ugly Xmas sweater!


Girlesque VII

So excited for this! I’ve wanted to see Coco Lectric perform live (because although her videos online are fantastic…videos just never do the real thing justice) forevvvver! I couldn’t  make it to watch Montreal festival because of work, so imagine my delight.

Soooooo hot!

Also, Midnite Martini is not to be missed. her stocking peels are legit sensational, helping her to win the last ever Joan Arline Legends Choice Award at Boston ’11 (RIP Joan).

Mysterion serves up a cast of international talent that will be headlined by none other than the Reigning Queen of Burlesque: Miss Indigo Blue andfeatures The Schlep Sisters (Good Jewish Girls Gone Wrong), Legend Tiffany Carter and TO’s fave Legend April March. Also appearing are “Ottawa’s Dream” Koston Kreme (I affectionately call her burlesque Barbie), Saskatoon’s Cheripop Purr, and Toronto’s Mena la Fleur, Ava Noir, Miss D D Starr, Natalia Rose (pole!), as well as (of course) the Great Canadian Burlesque girls.  I can’t wait to shake it for y’all and cheer my face off. Fingers crossed Coco Framboise with have some collab-classes available as well.

VIP tix are on sale already, which guarantee ah-mayzing seats (and I believe waitstaff to get your drinks for you, if I remember correct). General admission tix to be released soon. Makes a pretty fucking awesome gift, nahmean?

Oh man, I need to stop now… bursting with excitement…

The Sexy League of Busssssssy

Um, November.. you were fucking awesome! Not only are you my birthday month, but I also got to be a part of 8 shows, only overlapping one act (in addition to working full-time). May be my new record?

Last night’s affair was one to remember: the much-buzzed-about Evil League of Sexy: A Villains-Themed Burlesque Show. Wish I’d gotten some more candids but my camera is kinda junk and can’t capture all that fast ish. Velvet Valhalla (1/2 of the hosting team) donned a Pizzaz (Jem nemesis) costume for the show, on point with the heels n all. I’m sad he quit Rocky.

Host Pizzazz & myself (as Cruella...I wasn't supposed to smile..)

Opening the show is my favourite spot. Although sometimes it’s tricky to be the warm-up, I really enjoy getting the anticipation over with (and it means I get to see most of the show too!).  A lady named Nicole K photo-ed the show, so thank you Nicole!

Classic-steez Cruella (moi) x Nicole

I danced to Suede’s Animal Nitrate, so my performance is dedicated partly to you Brett Anderson. HUBBA!

The cast of the show was amazing, and I think spanned a good scale between fluffy cartoon villains to nerdy to horror. There was Predator boylesque by Dr. Tease (I didn’t snap a photo but I’m sure there’s an epic one out there somewhere) and Hannibalesque by show organizer Betty Quirk (of Betty Monroe Designs).

Betty Quirk (she made all did herself from scratch)

The crowd went nuts for a sparkly sequinned Freddy (Barely Legal Leelando), danced magic for a big-bulged Jareth (Sky Blew) and were delighted by Hexidecimal (Ruby Pixel) revealing her many faces, along with her glittering red flesh.

The cast switches up each time but organizers (the aforementioned Betty & Leelando in addition to Sevvy Skellington) have already determined the next theme: Simpsons! Wheeeeeee!

If you haven’t yet made it to an Underground Peepshow, don’t make the same mistake a 4th time. Keep up to date with their twitter or tumblr, and mark Smarch 10th down in your planners!



Sephora Majora

I never take those “insider” club things that retail stores do very seriously. But I was pleasantly surprised when I visited Sephora for my promised “Beauty Insider” birthday gift. They actually gave me a generously sized bottle of birthday cake bodywash! Whee!

Pictured also is my bday card from my bf. It represents not only his perverted desire for me to be an underage harlot but also my relunctance to be old and dusty at the ripe age of 22. I’ll be celebrating my “Terrible 22” at a Sesame St themed burlesque show, ha!

So, despite how excited I was to get a useful and desirable free gift from a beauty store, there’s always a catch. The cashier threw this sample in at the last minute…

Backhanded b-day! So mean…haha

xox, Dolly