Today’s secret word is: WANT! AHHHHHHH!

Omg, one day when I run out of makeup and have spare cash I wanna order some things from Dolly Wink. So cute!

Fun fact: I was going to name myself Dolly Sweet (Sweet being Dita’s real surname and for Paris’ character Amber Sweet in Repo, but I thought it was too cutesy).

Sephora Majora

I never take those “insider” club things that retail stores do very seriously. But I was pleasantly surprised when I visited Sephora for my promised “Beauty Insider” birthday gift. They actually gave me a generously sized bottle of birthday cake bodywash! Whee!

Pictured also is my bday card from my bf. It represents not only his perverted desire for me to be an underage harlot but also my relunctance to be old and dusty at the ripe age of 22. I’ll be celebrating my “Terrible 22” at a Sesame St themed burlesque show, ha!

So, despite how excited I was to get a useful and desirable free gift from a beauty store, there’s always a catch. The cashier threw this sample in at the last minute…

Backhanded b-day! So mean…haha

xox, Dolly