On Monday evening I had the pleasure of fufilling a long-time goal of modelling for Dr. Sketchy’s. I’m pretty sure I’ve wanted to do it since high-school. Not sure where/when exactly I decided this, but I did. Anyway, so the Toronto Sketchy’s team is awesome and I wish I had had the bravado to ask to participate sooner. I was the second-last session of the season (after they went on a hiatus, and before another hiatus).

The 3 looks I modelled for the session were my tropicana Carmen Mirana-inspired outfit, a Versailles style wig and lacey number, and a 20s-vamp emsemble. Saw a few of the illustrations posted on facebook, hopefully the artists don’t mind if I re-post them here.

x Jason Bone
x Francis Fauteux
x Andrea Sloan

It was a great atmosphere with fun music, but I have to say I used a ton of Tigerbalm the day after. I didn’t realize how painful holding the same position for 1, 5, 10 or 15 minutes could be! I suppose that’s foolish of me, no? Hopefully I did enough diverse poses for the group, and the artistes had a fun evening as well.

Read the Dr. Sketchy’s Toronto Blog here!

xox, Dolly