Girlesque Diary: Hamilton

It’s very exciting to perform out of your regular area of expertise. I always love the shows in Hamilton, even if it is only an hour away. We carpooled to the venue with Pastor Morgan and MOPO, both excellent drivers.

After settling in with a smoke and a glass of water, everyone got down to getting their make-up, hair, glitter, wigs, costumes etc on. Yesterday was a very wig centric show, with myself, Tanya Cheex and the Schlep Sisters all tossing hair about. Darlinda Just Darlinda really impressed me though, with her ability to wear one wig for her first number (a Schlep Sisters number with Minnie Tonka that looked great although was a challenge on the tiny triangular stage), then to take it off, shake out her hair, and quickly wrap it up with a hair pin for her second number, coincidentally, a “Hair” piece (… see what I did there, hur hur hur). Total sex-bomb hair! I’ve never been able to have nice hair after a wig act, so I usually just leave it on for the rest of the night.

The show was super smooth, no hiccups or need to stall (yay!) although the stage was sort of difficult to work on (just because it was small and in the corner of the room with a step-up). Everyone did a fantastic job though, especially Aviva and Chaos Divine. Despite it being an overall great show and concept from Chaos, when you see her new act keep in mind that everything was hand-made by her without patterns!!!! That bitch! Haha, I hate sewing and I really hate drafting so I really commend her, it’s very slinky, sexy and beautiful. And Aviva was just very effing spot-on. Her bellydance abilities were really able to shine on the small stage since she could still be doing a lot of controlled movement without having to actually move back and forth or side to side. Very smiley, sweet with a few naughty implications.

And of course it’s always a pleasure to hear April March speak. She’s such a genuine sweetheart with so much to talk about in her crazy life. Unfortunately, she’s had a very bad experience recently with trying to publish a book. The person who wrote it for her, based on tapes of her telling stories she wanted included in it,¬† and her written information apparently embellished and mixed facts, consolidated stories and she had to pull it. So please, do not buy this book if you come across it, or if you have it/have read it, note that it is false information! April has lead a very amazing life and there is not reason to not portray her exactly as it happened.

MOPO as very kind to take us to McDonalds after the show, everyone had been to busy running around all day after work and school etc to eat properly (not that McDonalds is eating properly, buuuut) really hit the spot.

Wish I took pix but I forgot my card in my card reader, danggit Will have to take some tonight and Sunday in Ottawa.

Hope to see you at Revival tonight!

It’s a new blog, it’s a new day, and I’m feelin’ good..

That was so cheese but I just had to.

Last night GCB invaded Hamilton yet again for our bi-monthly show at the Casbah Lounge. Unfortunately it was downpouring yet again which likely deterred a good chunk of potential audience. However, those that did make it out were spoiled with a variety of talent. Usually for out of town shows, performers will double up acts so there are less people to transport, but everyone was super generous with the driving and we got a few carloads of pretty ladies, musicians and comics to the venue.

I didn’t get to see all of the acts, as I got caught up backstage (aka I’m lazy and like to sit and chat) but I did get to see Esther De Ville, sultry and tittilating as always. I really like Esther’s character, it reminds me of the 90s cartoon depictions of a sexy woman (like Jessica Rabbit, Cool World). Also saw Chaos Divine’s new act properly (last time I was sidestage, this time from the audience), Fionna Flauntit & Tanya Cheex.

Today I’m off to Queen West to pick up a few things and finish my Riddler costume for “Holy Boobies, Batman!” Very excited for this show, we are doing a full run-through rehearsal which I actually have never done for a burlesque show before. It’ll be cool to be able to preview all the acts. It’s ten bucks in advance at Original on Queen west (near Augusta), more info here. Costumes highly encouraged, although you don’t need to be a full on bat-freak to enjoy some fun. Performers will be pulling inspiration from animated series to Christopher Nolan movies to the way-back TV series so there’s something for everyone (including Dew Lily of Boylesque TO, Red Herring¬† of the Get Luckys, Sevvy Skellington of TKS & Repo Cats as well as many others.

Hooray! Well, I better go do that, while it’s still merely overcast and not raining. Also, I’m sure there’s a latte with my name on it on the way. Mmm!