This Saturday!

In conjunction with Junction City Music Hall, I present you a second round of PEELER’S PLAYHOUSE! With 6 sizzling performers and sexy surf set by Luau or Die, all for ONLY $10 COVER!

On the bill is yours truly plus a roster of bad girls ready to turn up the heat and shimmy the west end hard!

*Great Canadian Burlesque & Skin Tight Outta Sight staple Tanya Cheex!
*The passionately alluring Laura Desiree!
*Harlette Bunny Angora in a sultry solo!
*Plus the sensual Esther De Ville and ample-assetted Trixi Jones!
peelers playhouse 2


Bad Girls of History

This Saturday at Club 120, Scarlett Laflamme (Bomshell Burlesque) is bringing the 2nd installment of her “Bad Girls of History” show. The cast is a real cool mix of performers, one of the most diverse I’ve been a part of in a while! Many ladies will be performing acts inspired by women they share a heritage with, or are inspired by.

I will be portraying the gal with the worst reputation in Versailles: Marie Antoinette. This is maybe the 4th version of this act, which I originally conceived for specific request for Miss Mitzy Cream’s Roadshow tour 4 years ago.

ImageMarie Antoinette’s scandalous legacy has lasted and touched popular culture for nearly 250 years. Although the quote is innacurate, her famous line of “let them eat cake” still resonates and is parodied today. There are many interesting facets to her life of infamy, but I am particularly intrigued by her sex life, and the way it weaved throughout her political life with fact and fiction being made difficult to separate.

The bizarre 7 year limbo between her marriage to Louis XVI and it’s consumation caused much speculation and tittering in court, but even after the royal couple began a sexual relationship, it was rumoured to lack passion. Later in life, the paternity of the King’s heirs were even contested as a result of the assumption that the King was incapable of satisfying the frivolous young Queen. In 1774, King Louis gifted Marie Antoinette with the Petit Trianon, a chateau located within the grounds of Versailles, to use as her own fortress of solitude. Marie visited the Petit Trianon not only to escape the formality and immense pressures of court life, and to shake off the burden of her royal responsibilities. None were permitted to enter the property without the Queen’s express permission (not even her husband). Such exclusivity alienated the court nobility, which she did very willingly, and only the queen’s “inner circle” were invited.
marie antoinette burlesque
The favourtism displayed towards the Queen’s confidantes, coupled with the public’s desire to undermine the image of the monarchy, were often outlined in slanderous and sometimes pornographic pamphlets called libelles. In 1975, after the birth of the King’s nephew (with the royal couple still without a son) these pamphlets were relentless and mocking, commonly centered on the king’s impotence and regularly depicted the queen’s searching for sexual relief elsewhere, with men and women alike, particularly the Princess de Lamballe, with whom she shared an intimate friendship. During the Revolution, sexual allegations of this sort (from incest to orchestrating orgies) were used to justify her execution.Ultimately, none of the charges of sexual depravity has any credible evidentiary support.
Marie Antoinette was simply an easy target for rumor and criticism, however it is easy to fantasize about the ways in which the Queen would relieve the lust produced by a lack of spark in her maritial bed. That’s what I’m hoping to convey! So history buffs, feminists and fans of the debauchee female take note, and come party with us!
CLUB 120


Jett Adore & his northern blondes

In July 2012 a gaggle of excited burlesque performers and affiliates gathered at Wrong Note Rusty‘s studio to take part in a photo shoot directed by Percy Katt depicting boylesque sensation Jett Adore, surrounded by a flurry of nude blondes. I was one of them! Somehow I missed the unveiling of the final portrait and am only seeing the result now, and it really is gorgeous!

The shoot took place during the Toronto Burlesque Festival weekend, on a very warm Sunday morning prior to the Brunch event and evening event that I was performing in, so needless to say after the Saturday Mod Club showcase the night before, I recall making the decision to head home (which was down the street at the time), and down a few glasses of rather than attend the after party at Oasis in the east end. I may have missed some fun and shenanigans, but I was able to wake up and get my bum down to the shoot!

The “male-in-charge-surrounded-by-naked-women” is a familiar narrative in burlesque, and has even been parodied by women such as Jo Boobs, but I honestly have to say there is nothing oppressive or misogynistic about this portrait. Yes, we are all in adoration of the beautiful Jett (how could we not be?!), but there are little side-stories going on, different expressions of lust or joy layered into our tableau. He’s not a “pimp”, he’s a human aphrodisiac! I think it really is very beautiful. In real life I remember him being very sweet as well, he brought little tokens of appreciation and flowers for the girls; a true true gentleman.

Thanks Rusty, Percy & Jett for having me as one of your blondes!

Photo: Wrong Note Rusty  Direction & editing: Percy Katt
Photo: Wrong Note Rusty
Direction & editing: Percy Katt

NYBF Memories

I love my review from NYBF 2013 on 21st Century Burlesque

Dolly Berlin’s performance provoked a mix of amused, surprised and faintly disgusted responses. Let’s just say that too much Sprite during an act makes for a pretty original, not to mention gaseous, routine. Initially presented as a wholesome, pretty pinup, it would have been easy to produce a safe, possibly forgettable act. Instead she was fearlessly coarse, and she certainly stands out in my memory two weeks later.

dolly-angela-650I was really happy to be accepted to New York’s 11th Annual burlesque festival with “Dolly Pop,” one of my favourite acts about a pop-shoppe pin-up gone wrong. I’ve been lucky enough to perform a handful of times in the city before at Under St. Marks Theatre and The Slipper Room, so I was glad to not be popping my entire NYC cherry, but it was my first time performing on such a large-scale event in NYC, with many ‘elite’ performers in attendance.

Truly I was pretty nervous, partly because I was still shaken from having had my phone stolen the night before my flight to New York, right after being robbed at work. Yikes! An ominious feeling of ill-fate still hung over me, and when I took out my hair in the tiny hotel room I was sharing with Mysterion for the weekend, my wet-set hadn’t turned out how I like it (always a stress-inducing moment in ‘showbiz’).

But when I got to the awesome underground venue, things started jiving and I felt a lot more comfortable and eager to get on stage. It being the Teaser party, there were many a hello, lots of hugs, handshakes, and smiles. New York is truly an amazing circuit and everyone is super friendly and approachable. I perused the vendors (and picked up a Dangrrrous Designs cage panty as well as pair of Cheeky Cheetah Glorious Pasties), watched some of the show, then slipped backstage to get ready. I was still internally stressing about my hair, but after observing another performer backstage who had forgotten her ‘phony pony,’ absolutely KILL IT on stage, I felt a bit more inspired to just focus on my attitude and facial presentation. The point of the act is in fact comedy, rather than sex appeal anyway!

“Dolly Pop” is a pretty personal act; for those who know me, you know I have a tendency to produce the occaisonal surprise and robust burps. In the act, I am flirtatiously sipping a soda a la 1950s teenage diner hangouts. The soda provokes me to belch uncontrollably. Embarassed, I hurry to remove my constrictive corset, and for a brief time think I’m in the clear, but then after a bout of shimmy and dancing, the burps return! That time, my shock and shame turn into pride, and by the end I’m forcing out a series of insanely loud and revolting belches while spinning tassels. I personally find it hilarious, and although it’s produced a few head-shakes, every time I perform it I find a number of people that share the humour in it and it makes my heart glow! I can’t stick to just humour, or just glamour. But I love both and I’m glad to have the opportunity to do both within the same artform. Always do you!

The rest of the weekend was an amazing and inspiring blur, much too much for me to ramble on about here. But you can read up on it through the detailed reviews by the good people at 21st Century Burlesque here;

Thursday @ Le Poisson Rouge

Friday @ Brooklyn Bowl

Saturday @ BB Kings